Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Screen Hero


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Great value for money:

Screen Hero is an Irish-owned company, with just one ambition: to provide the highest-quality screen protectors at the most competitive prices. 

Having been in the smartphone repair industry for several years, we know how much repairs can cost and we know how often customers break their screens. Screen repair prices have doubled or even tripled in the last 2 years.

Screen Protection vs Screen Repair:

The average screen repair price of a Nintendo Switch is €110 and above, so protect your device today with Screen Hero. Check out the product review below from Chris in our Athlone store.

Its 0.33mm thickness means Screen Hero is both tough and thin.

Screen Hero is three times the strength of other tempered glass.

Bubble-free automatic absorption means it is not only easy to apply but there is no bubbles, which was always an issue with traditional screen protectors. Check out our installation video for how to easily apply your Screen Hero.

An oleophobic layer that’s washable and waterproof that allows fingerprints and marks to be easily wiped away.

Outstanding touch and mirror function integrated technology means you won't even notice the Screen Hero on your device as the touch on your device will remain the exact same as before. 



    What you get:

    Premium Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

    Alcoholic wet-wipe – for effective screen cleaning

    Microfiber cleaning cloth – for drying and wiping away any smudging

    Installation instructions – just follow the easy steps



    Irish owned:

    Screen Hero is an Irish-owned company, with just one ambition: to provide the highest-quality screen protection at the most competitive prices. Screen Hero was created because repairing your device is not a nice feeling, customers hoped it would never happen again after getting their device fixed. We want to create a product that customers loved. Screen Hero works best with a high case so your device is covered with 100% protection. 

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