About us

From "Fix My i" to "Wireless"

We are not just a repair store,
We are a mobile phone store.

We are not just a repair store, 
We are a mobile phone store.

“I have it, we’re going to call it Wireless!”

We just go from strength to strength. We seen a huge opportunity to sell refurbished and graded phones and we moved on from there.

Customer service is one of our biggest things and we really try to focus on that and look after our
customers. And from there we wanted to focus on bringing in high quality brands and accessories.

Online is where we want to go and sell to a wider audience. This is a whole, fully fledged, all in one,
tech website focusing on quality accessories and phones. We are always on the lookout for new products.

Long term, the big aim is to be the number one tech and accessories website in Ireland.

We look forward to see where it is going to take us.

Watch this space!

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How our customers rate us

Great service !!! All done in a day and done properly :) defo recommend it :) Served by Nathan

Shauna McKeogh

So helpful and so friendly. I have had numerous phones fixed with them. They always do an amazing job. Thanks for your help today. Would highly recommend.

Ciara Moran

Finally a tech shop that know what they are talking about! Lovely staff too. Served by Nathan, absolutely top class lad. 

Tristan Canning