Xiaomi Smart Speaker w/ IR Control


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Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite (IR Control)

This small, powerful speaker gives you a wealth of sound. It drums that up from its increased capacity, speaker cone and innovative design. This combination of features composes a perfectly balanced sound field with details that can be heard in every corner of the room. Prefer stereo? Pair 2 speakers together and listen to your favorite music, movie or series in 360 degrees.

You connect the Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite via wifi or Bluetooth. With the built-in Chromecast you play all your music with one click. The 1.5 inch large driver provides a very balanced sound. All major music platforms like Spotify, YouTube are supported as well as apps like Pocket Casts and Podimo. 

Elegant and practical design

With dimensions of only 95x95x14 mm and a weight of 628 grams, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite EU is of a compact size. The design is different from its predecessor, which you can see especially in the black color and the LED screen with adjustable brightness on the front. This always gives you the time and makes the Smart Speaker Lite very suitable as an alarm clock!

Next to being an object of use, the speaker is also a stylish addition to any room. Therefore, put it where and when you want, because the design and the soothing color scheme make the Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite EU a fine stimulus for the eye as well.

Built-in voice assistant

Control it via your phone or Google Assistant. The latter works simply by saying "Hey Google" and indicating what you want, playing music, requesting the weather or news or adjusting the volume. You can even control other Mi Home Devices. The long range microphones provide long range and clear voice recognition.

When you combine the IR transmitter with Google Assistant, you breathe new life into non-smart devices, such as your TV, air conditioner or another speaker. You achieve this by pairing the speaker with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and pairing it with Google Home. You can then control your TV by talking to your Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite!

    • Perfectly balanced sound field
    • Elegant and practical design
    • Built-in voice assistant
    • Pair with other speakers for stereo experience

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