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Temporary Part Fitting & Data Transfer / Data Rescue (Any Device)

Original price €59.99 - Original price €59.99
Original price
€59.99 - €59.99
Current price €59.99
Can't find your issue? Give us a call on 0861567318 or click here to message us!


Please ensure during the checkout process to provide a valid form of contact. We will need to be able to contact you before any work is carried out.

Introducing our Convenient Part-Temporary Fitting Service: Retrieve Your Data Without Breaking the Bank!


Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where your electronic device breaks, leaving you worried about losing precious data? We have the perfect solution for you! With our innovative part-temporary fitting service, you can now retrieve your important data without having to invest a fortune in fully repairing your device.

Here's how our part-temporary fitting service works: Instead of undertaking a complete repair, we strategically focus on the essential components required for data recovery. This approach not only saves you considerable time and money but also eliminates the need for a full device restoration.

We get in touch with you to see how you would prefer to get your data transferred or what to transfer it to. You then bring or post in to us.

By opting for our cost-effective part-temporary fitting service, you can save a significant amount of money while still recovering your vital data. Say goodbye to the hefty repair bills and unnecessary expenses that come with fully fixing a broken device.

Don't let a damaged electronic device leave you stranded without access to your valuable information. Choose our part-temporary fitting service and experience a budget-friendly solution to data recovery. 

The Repair Process

  • Ensure you have the correct device selected (get in touch with us if you are unsure and we can assist you)
  • Select your issue
  • If you can't find your issue in the dropdown (or if there are more issues) then please use the contact form below the 'Buy It Now' button to request an estimate
  • Add it to the cart
  • Choose to drop off / collect your device or post it in
  • Enter your details in checkout (NB: Please ensure during the checkout process to provide a valid form of contact. We will need to be able to contact you before any work is carried out.)
  • Complete payment
  • Call in with your device (or post it to us) when it suits you
  • We will make an initial contact with you to gain some further info needed
  • We carry out the repair
  • Most repairs take a maximum of 1 hour
  • We contact you when your device is ready to collect or we post it back out to you!


Fix My i ltd's got you covered! All our repairs come with a 6-month warranty, unless we tell you otherwise. Just keep in mind that warranties and water don't mix well - any sign of a splash or bash, and your warranty gets voided. If another repair service tinkers with your device after us, that'll also void our warranty. And if we do any work on your device, it could void other warranties you have. So, check your coverage before you ask us for help!


We double-check everything - before and after any repairs. We'll let you know if we find any issues before starting a repair. If you don't give us the right passcode or if your device isn't in a testable state when you drop it off, we can't be responsible for any issues that crop up later.


We love original parts, but sometimes (like with Apple devices), we use high-quality third-party parts instead. You can ask for original parts if you want. You might see a temporary message saying a part in an iPhone isn't recognized - don't sweat it, your device will still work fine.


In rare cases, some devices might get damaged during disassembly. We'll warn you beforehand if we think this might happen. If it happens while fixing something other than a screen, we'll offer to repair it at cost price. Remember, tech can be unpredictable - back up your data before bringing in your device. We'll try to secure or back up your data when we can (like during software wipes), but we're not responsible for any data loss while your device is with us.


We'll let you know about any costs beforehand when we can. Some devices need a lot of work to find the problem, so even if we can't fix it, we'll have to charge you a minimum of €24.99. Labor charges aren't refundable. If we refund you, we'll deduct the cost of labor.


We'll give you an estimated finish time for any work. Sometimes, stuff out of our control happens and there might be delays. We usually text you with updates unless you tell us not to. Make sure you give us the right contact number. We're not responsible if you miss any texts or calls. If you're having issues with a purchase or service from us that isn't due to an accident, it's your job to let us know ASAP.

And don't worry - your statutory rights are still safe and sound.

  • Choose between drop-off or post for your device
  • An Post delivery charge to return your device if selected is €5.99 
  • Return of your device generally takes 2-3 days but can take longer in some situations.
  • Repairs are completed and are dispatched from our Tullamore store.
  • Once your device has been dispatched you will receive a tracking number via email.
  • If you are not at home to take in your delivery An Post will leave a note to collect your parcel at the depot.
  • If you have delivery-related questions, please send us a message in the contact us section.