Xiaomi Portable electric air compressor / pump


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The Xiaomi Mi portable air compressor features a digital pressure sensor that automatically measures the pressure while pumping and shows it on the LED display.

It is equipped with a flashlight for emergency inflates at night. You can use the Xiaomi Mi portable air pump for bikes, cars, motorcycles, balls, mats, etc.



  • Xiaomi Mi 150 Psi portable electric air compressor/pump
  • Easily inflates tires or check the pressure on-the-go
  • Xiaomi Mi air compressor has predefined programs and 5 buttons
  • When the preset pressure is achieved, it will stop automatically
  • With a digital pressure sensor, LED display, and flashlight
  • Xiaomi Mi portable air pump has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Compact design allows you to carry it in your bike bag or car



  • Charging interface: microUSB
  • Battery: rechargeable 18650
  • Power: 150 Psi / 10.3 Bar
  • Size: 12,4 x 7,1 x 4,5 cm
  • Weight: 499g

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