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20000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Pro. The mobile power bank that charges your laptop!  Huge capacity. You'll only need to bring one.

A mobile power bank is an indispensable companion to your other smart devices, and as technology evolves, people need more out of their power bank.

That's why the 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro was created to meet the everyday needs of the modern individual.

USB-C + Dual USB-A ports An extra option with triple ports

Due to its high power capacity, the 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is able to support a triple port design, including a USB-C port capable of up to 45W two-way charging.

Each USB-A can provide 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A output if used one at a time, or if used simultaneously can provide 5V/3A output.


The power bank that can charge your laptop. Your laptop's new partner

The USB-C port can both give and take charge with up to 45W two-way charging. Not just for phones anymore, this power bank can charge your MacBook or Switch as well. The 20000mAH power core really is capable of charging all your devices.


Our new work assistant USB-C two-way charging

With up to 45W charging, the USB-C port not only lets you quickly recharge the power bank but also reduces the time needed to charge your devices. You can get your work done anywhere when you carry the 2000mAH of power capacity with you.


Always by your side. The convenience of triple ports

Its USB-C port and two USB-A ports are fitted into an easy-to-carry design so that your mobile power station can go with you to every unforgettable destination.


upgraded exterior design

The 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is housed in a unibody casing with carefully applied UV paint. Moreover, the top and bottom are made to shine like ceramic, completing the power bank's exquisite look.


All-round optimization and international compatibility

The 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is tested and confirmed to be in accordance with GB/T 35590-2017 standard research and development on its external logo, power performance, safety, and environmental adaptability.


The safe, high-quality circuit chip

Using highly accurate sensors, this advanced chip is not just safe, it also has a higher conversion rate, stable voltage, and reliable circuit protection.

Whether it's taking or giving the charge, the power bank is able to quickly respond to overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting and other situations, ensuring safe charging as well as improved efficiency.


Supports low current charging

Charge your Mi Band and your Bluetooth headphones with the 20000mAH Mi Power Bank 3 Pro.


Temperature protection

The added heat-sensitive resistors and temperature control mechanisms ensure the power bank remains within a safe temperature range.

Input overvoltage protection

Excess voltage is prevented from damaging the device the power bank is charging.

Output overvoltage protection

Voltage is automatically reduced or turned off when smart sensing detects excess voltage to protect the device the power bank is charging.

Short circuit protection

In the case of a short circuit, the motherboard and battery are protected.

Input overcurrent protection

Current is automatically reduced or turned off when smart sensing detects excess current to protect the power bank.

Battery overcharge protection

The added specialized battery protection effectively prevents overcharging.

Reset protection

If the product is not working properly, the added circuitry reset lets you reset the device with the press of a button.

Output overcurrent protection

Current is automatically reduced or turned off when smart sensing detects excess current to protect the device the power bank is charging.

Hardware-level battery overcurrent/short-circuit protection

Purely hardware-based overcurrent/short-circuit protection allows for fast response to obstructed battery circuits.


At Fix My i ltd, we're all about happy customers and working tech. That's why our used gadgets come with a year of coverage. Our shiny new products? Well, those come with a 12-24 month manufacturer's warranty, starting from the date you buy them. Remember, batteries are a bit different - we cover them for 6 months since they naturally wear down over time.

Now, remember when we used to say "Handle with Care" to our favorite toys? It applies here too. Any signs of a bath time (water damage) or rough play (physical damage) void the warranty. Same goes for any DIY repair attempts or changes (even that fancy new screen protector you just stuck on). And unfortunately, we can't cover cosmetic wear and tear under warranty, your devices need to age gracefully.


Changed your mind? Had a tech-epiphany? Before you dash back to us, make sure you've got the receipt, original packaging, and any sidekicks like cables. If the gadget isn't the same as when it left us, sorry, we can't take it back. Remember, we don't usually accept a change of mind as a reason for returns. Our used devices might have had a makeover (like a new battery) and could possibly show temporary messages about this. Don't worry, it's normal and doesn't affect how well your device works or your warranty. Accessories? Those can be returned within 7 days for a credit note if they haven't been used. If they are faulty, we can swap them or refund you within 7 days, or exchange them after that.


Accidents happen, but our warranty doesn't cover any accidental damage after a repair. If another service works on your gadget, it voids our 6-month warranty. Fix My i ltd. can't pay for repairs done elsewhere. If you have any problems with a purchase or service that isn't due to an accident, it's your job to let us know ASAP so please do!

Don't worry, your statutory rights aren't affected.

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