Xiaomi G10 Cordless Pro Vacuum Cleaner

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10Double the performance, half the effort150 AW suction power | TFT HD colour display | Smart high-torque floor brush | All-in-one vacuum and mop.

8 technologies for a superb cleaning experience
150 AW suction powerPowerful 125,000 RPM motor gets rid of stubborn dirt and dust
HD TFT colour displayCheck cleaning status at a glance
Smart high-torque floor brushAutomatically adjusts its speed to deep-clean different surfaces
All-in-one vacuum and mopRemovable magnetic water tank to making cleaning easier
65 min extra-long battery life

Easily covers large spaces
Replaceable battery
Say goodbye to battery-life worries with one-touch battery replacement to double battery life
12-cyclone dust-separation system
5-layer filtration system that filters 99.97% of 0.3 μm dust particles
Removable dust cup
Easy washing to prevent secondary contamination
150 AW flagship-grade suction power
The newly upgraded 125,000 RPM high-speed flagship-grade motor delivers strong suction power while offering superb performance and an unprecedented cleaning experience.
High definition TFT colour display
Check cleaning status at a glance
The newly upgraded visual operating system uses a TFT colour display that allows you to easily view information such as current mode, battery status and more. Mobile phone-level display clarity delivers an outstanding visual experience and excellent control at the same time
Speed switching indication
Continuous operation mode
Battery level monitoring
11 languages to choose from
Newly added one-tap self-locking
Sets your fingers free with no need for pressing and holding
Newly added to the display, the unique electronic self-locking feature means you no longer need to press and hold a button during use. Instead, simply tap on the "Lock” button to engage continuous operation, and tap it again to unlock. This sets your fingers free and minimises button failure from repeated use
  • Self-lockingRemembers automatically
Smart high-torque floor brush
Let technology take care of your housework
The smarter floor brush automatically detects different flooring materials and adjusts its speed accordingly. This feature significantly extends battery life by reducing the amount of time spent unnecessarily in higher power modes
Anti-tangle design. Say goodbye to hair tangling. V-shaped ribs on the brush body deliver an increased diameter that reduces the number of times hair is rotated. Hair on the surface of the ribs is instead moved towards the central suction nozzle, effectively preventing hair tangling.
Premium, high-capacity battery, 65 min extra-long battery life, 3000 mAh high capacity battery. With a battery life of up to 65 min, the high-capacity and highly efficient battery easily meets the needs of larger homes.
  • Premium, high-capacity battery
  • 65 min extra-long battery life
Standard suction power 65minutes
Stubborn dust removal 30minutes
Full power output 10minutes
One-touch battery replacement and doubled battery life. The removable battery design allows you to replace the battery with just a single touch. Easily double the battery life, so you can keep going without having to wait. Clean with ease, without worrying about battery life. 
Dual-charging design, Charge two batteries simultaneously. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wall-mounted charging bracket that both charges and stores.Take off to clean, put back to charge. The optional dual-charging expansion slot can charge two batteries simultaneously, avoiding the need for frequent recharging
12-cyclone separation system Greatly improves filter life The 12-cyclone design exceeds industry standards and is capable of separating tiny particles from the air. The result is a vast improvement in the efficiency of dust particle removal from the air, reducing the amount of dust entering the HEPA filter and greatly extending its service life.
99.97% filtration of 0.3 μm particles Filtration as efficient as a purifier The efficient 5-layer filtration system outputs clean air, using the logic of a purifier. The HEPA is protected by the multi-cyclone separation system that reduces dust levels whilst washable filters reduce the need for frequent filter replacement.
Vacuum and mop all in one go The magnetic water tank allows you to vacuum and mop all in one go.Protect your flooring and make cleaning easier by using the switch on the 230 ml flat mop to adjust the water flow rate, making it suitable for use on different floor types and during different weather conditions.
Wrapped mop-cloth designGets into every nook into cranny
Popular accessories, suitable for your cleaning needs. Smart vacuuming and simultaneous mopping gets the housework done in half the time.

Mini electric brush. For cleaning dander, pet hair and moreComes with a mini electric brush that can be used to clean hair, dander and pet hair on the surface of your bed or to clean the fibre layers of the bed itself. Clean bedding and sofas with ease, taking care of your health and bringing peace of mind.
Crevice nozzle
For cleaning crevices and corners Vacuum door/window crevices and corners
2-in-1 dusting brush
For dusting furniture/keyboardsDust tables, chairs, cabinets, keyboards, ceilings and more
Thoughtfully designed with users in mind
0.6 L large, removable dust cupHolds more dust and makes cleaning easier
Store both vacuum and accessories together Save space
Washable HEPA componentsEasy to maintain for long-lasting cleanliness

Attachments guide

Operating timeRecommended scenarios
Smart high-torque floor brush
Eco mode Up to 42 minutes
High-power mode Up to 10 minutes
Automatic Mode Up to 29 minutes

High- and medium-pile carpetLow-pile carpetWooden flooringTiles
Mini electric brush
Eco mode Up to 50 minutes
Standard mode Up to 10 minutes
High-power mode Up to 30 minutes

Crevice nozzle
High-power mode Up to 8 minutes
Standard mode Up to 27 minutes
Eco mode Up to 60 minutes
Sofa gaps Ceilings Car interiors Curtains
2-in-1 dusting brush
High-power mode Up to 8 minutes
Standard mode Up to 27 minutes
Eco mode Up to 60 minutes

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