Trust GXT 863 Mazz Mechanical Keyboard


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Mechanical gaming keyboard with long-lasting, quick responding switches and rainbow wave illumination

Game Mode: On

The Trust GXT 863 Mazz is your new, powerful instrument to rule your favourite PC games. The mechanical Outemu RED switches are fast, responsive and will last up to 50 million keystrokes. The N-key rollover makes sure that every button press is translated to the game, and by enabling the game mode, you’ll stay in your game, even if you accidentally press the Windows key. Keep your head in the game; keep your eyes on the prize.

Mechanical RED

The mechanical Outemu RED switches of the Trust Mazz are designed to be extremely quick and responsive. With a minimum actuation force of 50G (60G max) and the actuation point of only 2mm (4mm total travel) this keyboard registers your input before you even realise you’re pressing a button. They have a linear feel and will last up to 50 million key presses. The Trust Mazz is built to last.

Stay in the Game

The Mazz is equipped with full N-key rollover. Thanks to this anti-ghosting technique, every button press is registered and no command will go unnoticed. And by enabling the gaming mode, the Windows key is disabled; this makes sure you won’t get kicked out of your game when you accidentally press the Windows key in the heat of the moment.

Your Identity

Thanks to the colourful backlights, you can truly make the Mazz your own. With 14 different light modes and adjustable brightness, feel free to customise the effects the way you like. Play your game with your own identity, control your media with the integrated media keys, and own the battlefield with the fast, mechanical switches. The Mazz is your weapon of choice.

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