Trust GXT 323W Carus PS5 Headset


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Trust GXT 323W CARUS PS5 Headset

Mesh padded gaming headset, with a flexible microphone and powerful bass, designed for consoles.

Hear the Thunder

The Trust Carus uses big, 50mm drivers so you hear everything that’s going on during the game. High-quality sound with a thundering bass; that’s why the Carus gives you the upper hand during gameplay. And thanks to the flexible microphone, your teammates will be able to hear you just as great as you hear them.

Play Your Game

With the Carus, you’ve got full control over what you hear, what your teammates hear, and how you want to play. Take control over your volume with the on-ear cup controls and mute the mic with the press of a button. It’s. Your. Game!

Keep a Cool Head

Take a look at the situation, listen to what your team mates have to say and make the winning decision. With the Trust GXT 323W Carus for PlayStation 5 you’ll hear what’s important and they’ll hear your every command. The large, comfortable ear pads are made from meshed materials that will help you keep a cool head, even during the most intense gaming sessions.


  • Suitable for
  • Gaming, Listening to music, Office, Daily use
  • Compatible Device Types
  • gaming console, laptop, pc
  • Compatible Consoles
  • Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Compatible Software Platforms
  • Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Mac OS, Windows

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Designed for PS4 and PC

The GXT 330 headset is designed specifically for use with the PS4 and PC. Connect the headset to the PS4 DualShock controller and experience the optimum in game sound and participate in in-game chat. The headset is also ideal for PC gaming. This makes the GXT 330 XL Endurance headset ideal for long gaming sessions on your favourites gaming platforms.

Comfortably Gaming

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