Warranty Policy

1. Service Policy

1. Tronsmart provides easy, reliable, and speedy service for all products under our warranty.
2. Our distributors, partners, sellers and re-sellers should provide after-sale service directly to our
customers. Customers should contact the seller from whom you purchased your Tronsmart products
for warranty support and provide related order info (warranty card, invoice, receipt, etc). Tronsmart
will provide our authorized distributors with any related assistance they might need.

2. Warranty Details

1. Tronsmart will replace a product under warranty for any manufacturing defects or any problems
that arise from normal use and we will replace it with the same model. If the model is discontinued
or out of stock, we will offer a similar or upgraded model.
2. Tronsmart provides different warranty periods for different product lines:
We provide 12 months warranty for home video & audio products and 18 months warranty for QC
chargers, power banks and cables from the purchase date.
3.Extended warranty service (applies to chargers, power banks and cables only): Tronsmart kindly
suggests customers register your product on our official website: http://www.tronsmart.com/ to get
an extra 6 months warranty (extended warranty must be applied for within the original warranty
4. Warranty Certificate: Customers requesting after-sale service from Tronsmart distributors or
dealers by providing a completed Tronsmart warranty card, purchase invoice, or receipt. Distributors
(especially wholesalers) should provide after-service to customers and we will support them
5. Our warranty does not cover any damages or failure caused by:
a. Artificial damage such as charging using harmful power levels or using unapproved accessories.
b. Any defects or damages caused by improper use include but are not limited to the operation
which doesn’t comply with the warranty or notes shown in the product specifications. For
example, disassembling the sealed product shell will void the warranty;
c. Any defects or damage caused by other behaviors which cannot be controlled by Tronsmart.
6. Not sure how to get your Tronsmart product to work properly?
Contact the Tronsmart Customer Care Team for solutions, we provide friendly support for customers
all over the world.

Contact Us

E-mail: support@fixmyi.ie
In the event our warranty policy changes, we’ll be sure to update this page.