Noisy fan driving you crazy? 

Is the noise of your computer’s fan driving you crazy? The GXT 220 keeps your laptop cool and prevents your laptop from overheating and ensures a comfortable gaming session. Never again experience a noisy or unstable laptop!


Laptops start to get a higher temperature while you are gaming or working for a longer period of time. Performance can decrease when the laptop gets to warm. The GXT 220 provides a built – in fan, which keeps your laptop cool and increase its efficiency and battery life. The silent cooling fan ensures an ideal airflow for optimal heat dissipation.


The GXT 220 is connected to your laptop via an USB port on the back of the cooling stand. There is no installation required: simply plug the USB into your laptop and it starts working! You can game on your laptop wherever you want, because no power socket is needed. The cooling stand is compatible with all laptops up to 17.3”.


The GXT 220 provides a red illuminated fan, which ensures a real gaming look! The GXT 220 is not only for extended gaming sessions, it can also be used for work in libraries and offices.