We opened a repair shop called Fix My i in 2013, to repair broken smartphones and tablets. We then started selling new, used and unlocked devices for a fraction of thecost of the phone shops. Wireless was then born in 2016 in Athlone. Having been in the smart device industry for several years now, we know how horribly overpriced it can be. Wireless are here to bring things back down a peg or two.

May 2016: Screen Hero is an Irish-owned company with just one ambition: to provide the highest-quality screen protection at the most competitive prices. 80% of the repairs we’ve carried out over the past three years have been screen repairs. The repair industry has grown to five times the size it was, screen repair prices have doubled or even tripled, and customers are buying more expensive phones and investing in expensive accessories.

August 2017: Tronsmart, based in China, was founded in 2013. Tronsmart stays on the cutting edge of new trends and production. We are the main distributor of Tronsmart in Ireland and it has become one of our best selling ranges. Tronsmart stays on the cutting edge of new trends and production. We strive to be heavily involved and continue to lead several revolutions.


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Wireless brands' standards are premium, we've been reselling/distributing global brands in Ireland since 2013.

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