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Fastest way to repair your Computer & Laptop. For Good.

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Laptop Charger
Port Repair

Drop your laptop? 
We replace all of the  different screen types, and  sizes, from LCD and LED, to  the digitizers (touch screens)  on some of the newer Windows 8 models.

Laptop Charger
Port Repair

Laptop not charging?
One of the most common reason for this issue is damage  to the charger port on the  laptop, from physical damage,  oxidation from liquid or  moisture, or even just wear and tear.

Laptop Hard
Drive Repair

Probably the most common repair we perform on laptops is to replace a failing hard drive with a new one, and set up Windows or another operating system from scratch.

Laptop Main
Board Repair

Laptop not powering on?
Sometimes, if this occurs,  the issue is with the main  board of the laptop, and can  be caused by a short circuit,  or burnt out component.

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