Haylou GT7 TWS Wireless Earphones with Bluetooth 5.2


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About this item

  • ✅ Excellent Audio Experience - Haylou GT7 Has A High-Quality Composite Vibrating Diaphragm Coil And AAC Audio Codec That Recovers More Sound Details And Provides You With An Excellent Audio Experience.
  • ✅ Low-Latency Game Mode - Dual-Master Communication Ensures a Stable Connection For Every Second. Double-Tap The Left Earbud To Turn On Ultra-Low Latency Mode And Enjoy The Sync Of Audio And Video.
  • ✅ Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 - Fast and Reliable The New Bluetooth 5.2 Chip Integrates The Advantages Of Efficient Transmission, Ultra-Low Power Consumption, And Minor Background Noise And Refuses To Disturb The Delay.
  • ✅ Stereo and Mono Mode - Haylou GT7 Supports Dual-Channel Communication Technology. Either Earbud Can Be Used Alone As a Bluetooth Headset.
  • ✅ AI Call Noise Cancellation - The DNN Algorithm Simulates The Human Hearing System And Accurately Picks Up People's Voices While Effectively Reducing Ambient Background Noises.

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