Our Gaming PC Building Service

Our Gaming PC Building Service

Ready to make the jump from game consoles to the PC master race? We are here to help!

Our service includes sourcing, ordering and fully assembling the computer for you. We offer three build levels at different price ranges but everything is built to your spec.


Level 1: 'The n00b Build'

This build is ideal for someone looking to play some basic games. It will play most games at low to mid graphics quality.

Price: From €949


Level 2: 'The Pro Build'

Our most popular build. This level gives you some more power to and allows you to play most games at mid to high graphics quality

Price: From €1499


Level 3: 'The Overkill Build'

For those who want the competitive edge in all their games. This level will eat up anything you throw at it giving high FPS with high to ultra graphics quality

Price: From €1799


Get in touch with us to get started on building your ideal gaming PC

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