Graded Phones - Why they're a great option!

What are graded phones? How are they graded? What are the benefits of choosing a graded phone from Fix My i? In this article we will cover the ins and outs of our most popular option for buying smartphones.


Are they not just second hand?

Whilst graded phones have been used before, there's more to a graded phone than buying just a regular second hand phone. Graded phones are phones that have been put through rigorous testing and quality control before they are then classed as A grade or B grade.


How is a phone graded?

  • We receive a delivery of smartphones
  • We charge them up fully and then update them to the latest software
  • Once they are ready to be tested they are put through our testing process.

For our testing, we run special software that checks every part of the phone. From the touch on the screen to the accelerometer, every individual feature is tested. We also like to include some real world tests as well in case our software misses anything. We also check if the phone is network unlocked (as it should be!) and the health of the battery. If the battery health is not satisfactory we put in a brand new battery at no extra cost to you.

  • Once we are satisfied with everything, we then put in our warranty stickers 
  • We then photograph the outside and in most cases the inside of the phone as well.
  • We upload all the details to our system so we have a record of everything.
  • We then examine the outside of the phone and decide to give it its 'grade' - A or B.

Grade A or B, what's the difference?

When we give a phone its grade, we take a careful look at the cosmetic condition of the outside. We give the phone a B grade if it has some scratches and other signs of use. If the phone has little to no marks and looks like brand new, we give it an A grade. The grade we give the phone reflects just the cosmetic condition, both our A and B grade phones go through the same testing and quality control process.

Grade A: Like new, little to no signs of use

Grade B: Some marks and signs of use


Why are graded phones so popular?

Here at Fix My i, all of the graded phones we sell carry a year's limited warranty (same as if you bought it brand new), they come with a genuine charger (same as if you bought it brand new) and can come in as-good-as-new condition. With the crazy prices that modern smartphones come in at these days, would you rather pay that sort of money or go for a phone that's every bit as good for cheaper? That's why graded phones are so popular.


Long story short!

  • Buying graded is safe
  • Buying graded can be every bit as good as buying new
  • Buying graded can save you money

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